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Schoolcraft, Jeffrey SchoolcraftJ at SytexInc.com
Mon Dec 23 22:12:38 EST 2002

if you hack off the /geeklog/index.php bit, 
you get sent to a page that basically says pair.com is cool.

I think they do this as a check, to catch 404's.  If geeklog index.php didn't exist I think it would hang out on that page as advertising.

my guess is they're doing this with mod-rewrite or something, though i'm not sure.

whatever you sent after this got quarantined, probably for foul language, who knows.

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OK, the DNS stuff seems to be figured out.  There is only one oddity that 
I can't figure out.  If you type in http://www.geeklog.net and watch 
closely it redirects to http://qs457.pair.com/geeklog/index.php and then 
redirects to http://www.geeklog.net/index.php.  After that life is good.

So my obvious question is why does it do that?

Dirk, I'll wait until you reply before I do anything.


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