[geeklog-devel] Getting away from global - Introducing constants

Peter Hopfgartner peter at tantalo.net
Sun Dec 29 11:23:49 EST 2002

Dear Geeklog developers,

I would like to use GL in 2 installations, but I we have
register-globals enabled.

In order to get away from globals, I sent you a first patch, more for
the purpose of illustration. This takes away the _SEC_VERBOSE variable
and replaces it with a constant (indeed, logically _SEC_VERBOSE is a
constant, since it's value is never changed in the code).

If you find this usefull, I will do the same with the other *_VERBOSE

Please enjoy,

Peter Hopfgartner

P.S.: The patch was created as diff -Naur old_file new_file
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