[geeklog-devel] Release Candidate for MVC package

Vincent Furia vmf at abtech.org
Mon Apr 7 16:30:29 EDT 2003

Wow Tony.  I have to say thanks.  The MVC design pattern was a little
confused in my mind, but this helped to clear things up.  Guess all I
needed was to see the code. It looks great.  I have a few things to add,
but I think this is a cool idea for GL2 (G2?). 

1. In MVC_XMLParser.class.php:
Bug: _parser not defined in the MVC_XMLParser class, but it is used in
parseXML function

2. In Controller.class.php
Bug: require_once 'Constants.php' repeated twice

3. For the LoaderFactory classes
Possible Feature: in addition to XML and PHP Array...load from PEAR:DB?

4. In several locations:
Recommendation: Stronger type checking where applicable
Example: in the constructor function for the Controller class, defined as
Controller($configData, $configType = MVC_XML, $allowedFormMethod =
MVC_BOTH) the following line:
	$this->_configType = $configType;
perhaps should be changed to something like:
	if ($configType == MVC_ARRAY) {
	    $this->_configType = MVC_ARRAY;
	} else {
	    $this->_configType = MVC_XML;

Now I have some questions about using the MVC...  

1. How will (could) this be used for plugins.  I was looking forward to
having a GeeklogPlugin class that all plugins inherit from (I forgot who
suggested this first).  Clearly it would also be a good idea for plugins
to use the MVC as well.  Have you given any thought to incorporating these
two ideas?  Is the answer obvious and I'm just slow on the ball today? 

2. I don't feel like digging through Phrame's code also, could you
describe the differences between your MVC code and theirs?

I think that is all.  I've to this point only begun really digging into
the code, but what I've seen so far gets me really excited for GL2's


On Sat, 5 Apr 2003, Tony Bibbs wrote:

> OK folks, here you go.  This is the first release candidate for a 
> package I have named MVCnPHP.
> All you need on it is here:
> http://project.geeklog.net/~tony/
> Again, please give it an honest look.  Thanks!
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