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Chris Franklin chris_s_franklin at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 9 12:12:49 EDT 2003

I picked up a new contract which has taken all my time recently so I haven't been able to work on it.... however, there is a mature OSS php bug-tracking system available called Mantis... this has most of the functionality that tony wants....
 Dwight Trumbower <dwight at trumbower.com> wrote:Chris,

Have you done any more work on this?


At 01:22 AM 3/12/2003 -0800, Chris Franklin wrote:
>hey everyone.
>tony - great start on the requirements document for the GL2 issue tracking
>I'm not sure how documentation works with the geeklog team or what
>everyone's comfort level is but I'd like to introduce my thoughts.
>Feedback is welcome.
>I think documentation is the key foundation to a succesful system and a
>"winnable" project.
>When designing software systems, particularly web applications, I think
>there are 4 basic doc sets which are necessary:
>1) requirements document
>2) context diagram and use cases
>3) technical design document
>4) source code doc (phpdoc)
>I don't believe in writing large volumes of documentation. But a well
>designed system should have simple, concise, detailed documentation which
>allows people to understand each sub-system and the overall system in an
>intuitive way.
>Over the past few years, I've gone through various iterations of how best to
>document software systems and I keep coming back to use cases as the
>foundation. Use cases are easy for software developers to understand b/c
>they take a big problem and break it down into smaller problems or units of
>work. The context diagram is a wonderful way to describe a system b/c it's
>just a 1-page visual diagram with a line down the middle. On the left are
>the actors and on the right are all the actions (use cases) that the users
>can take. Problem is diagrams require tools like visio or a uml tools - I
>think it's simpler to manage as just an html file.
>That all said, I've taken Tony's initial requirements document and added a
>section at the bottom which is similar to a context diagram:
>If everyone is comfortable going the use case route, the next steps are:
>1) finish list of use cases - I came up with 17 but there are likely more
>2) delve into the details of each use case
>Once we have finished the requirements doc and corresponding use cases,
>technical design should begin - which would, of course, be the data model.
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>Instead of trying to hack a version of bugzilla or sf.net into GL2 I think
>we should just put together a real basic system for bug tracking. I'll be
>putting together a shell requirements document and Chris will fill in the
>rest wtih you if that is OK. It will need to have a web service interface
>to it but we should save that for last. I will send a documetn out this
>week on it so you guys can get started with requirement and design. I
>think you could get this up and down fairly quickly. First major caveat
>is it will need to use GL2's A&A service so that the GL2 and bug trackign
>use same A&A components. Not all of A&A is built but most is and for what
>isn't there I already have the API defined.
>Dwight, if you can join IRC sometime and introduce yourself, chris's
>handle is franchr
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