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Mark Limburg mlimburg at iprimus.com.au
Fri Apr 11 22:07:43 EDT 2003


> 1) No need to maintain a language file in default language.  So, assuming 
> English for Geeklog 2, we will not need to maintain a language file.  This 
> is because when writing your code you will now have this way of 
> translating: $translator->translate('some english string');

> Since english will be the default, the translate() method will be smart 
> enough to simply return what it was given requireing no file I/O

Have a question ... Let's use an english and german example.  On one 
mapge, I use the English word 'key' as a title in a table to represent 
key index fields.  On another table, I use the English word 'key' to 
define the passphrase sent via email.  Now, in German, these references 
of 'Key' are very different due to context.

Another good example. In Chinese, there is no "ed", "ing" words and no 
"ies" words.  "Gallery" and "Galleries" are same words in Chinese.  So 
in Chinese, they add other words (add-on words) to separate them, to 
give them context.

Is there a way to build in context into the translator?  So, you could 
possibly send:


This may not be well thought out, and I welcome any feedback on this, 
but I'm trying to do is define the problems *humans* have in translating 
between languages, and see if we can bring a *human* solution into our 
universal translater (which should be called babelfish IMHO <grin />).



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