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thanks for the feedback, I always like to hear it.  I'll take a look at
the instructions and see what I can do.  I'm also 80% complete with a
new version of go-geeklog that is a web based installer. :-)  I'll be
updating both as new 
versions of GeekLog come out.

I'll also be adding upgrade capability before the next version,
hopefully... :-)


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Hello all,

We've been using the go-geeklog (version 1.3.7sr1) script to have our
customers install the software on their servers.  It works great if you
follow the instructions posted at:


The tutorial was written by me with the assumption that the geeklog site
is going to be the main site for anydomain.com.  This is why the last
few steps of my tutorial are for remapping the domain.

We've noticed that if you try installing the software so that the
geeklog site wouldn't be the main site (ie. anydomain.com/geeklog), it
results in broken images/missing files in include path errors, etc.
What would it take to make the geeklog software run for


pair Networks, Inc.

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