[geeklog-devel] Apple and Geeklog

Simon Lord slord at marelina.com
Wed Feb 5 18:04:20 EST 2003

Makes sense.  You have 2 of the largest Apple information sites using 
Geeklog as well, osxhints.com and macfixit.com.  There is no doubt in 
my mind that both these sites are visited regularly by Apple employees 
on a daily basis and has influenced people internally.

Maybe they want to release a personal blog solution in the future?  My 
guess is that it's just a personal work blog internally, I've installed 
it at discreet.com for similar reasons.

On Wednesday, February 5, 2003, at 05:56 PM, Tom Willett wrote:

> I thought it interesting today to notice that geeklog is installed on 
> an
> internal server at apple.com.  GPlugs.sf.net got 20 hits from apple 
> with
> three coming refered by http://vangelis.apple.com/admin/plugins.php.  
> I have
> seen them around before but this is the first clear indication they 
> have
> Geeklog installed.
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> Tom Willett
> tomw at pigstye.net
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