[geeklog-devel] Dumb User Day

Tom Willett tomw at pigstye.net
Fri Feb 7 10:56:20 EST 2003

Forgive me if I rant a little, I have just run across what have to be three 
of the dumbest users I have ever encountered.

For example:

I had a guy email me about the External Pages Plugin.  He could not figure 
how to use the templates to make an external page.  So I had him send me the 
page he was having trouble with.  I set it up for him and sent it back.  He 
writes back to say it didn't work -- after several emails I determined he 
had never bothered to install the plugin.  Ok I sent him the url to the 
download page.  He writes there are a lot of files on that page which one is 
it.  I write back 'The one that says External Pages Plugin'.  He still 
cannot find it and wants the direct url!  I give up.

Tom Willett
tomw at pigstye.net

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