[geeklog-devel] Article: Geeklog isn't Nuke

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Fri Feb 7 11:40:31 EST 2003

I am submitting this article idea as I am drafting a letter to you folks 
to make a retraction found in the March Linux Journal.  In that issue, 
there was an article on Weblogs that lead readers to believe that Geeklog 
is a fork of PHP-Nuke.  Much respect needs to be given to PHP-Nuke for 
helping to spur the weblog phenomenon and I think the article gave that 

However, Geeklog is not a fork of PHP-Nuke. Anybody who compares the 
engines of the two can see that.  Furthermore, such an assertion 
detracts from the time and effort that many people and put into Geeklog 
to make it into what it has become.  So, instead of simply complaining 
about this assertion, I thought an article highlighting what Geeklog is, 
how it differs from other weblogs and where it is going would be a 
fitting follow-up article...unless, of course, you think readers are 
bored with them.

Also, you should have mentioned http://www.opensourcecms.com.  It has most 
popular packages in a demoable state.  That way user's can test drive the 
various ones without having to download, install and configure them.

Anyway, let me know if this article interests you.  At the very least, a 
retraction/correction in the April issue would be much appreciated...

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