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Jason Whittenburg me at jasonwhittenburg.com
Sat Feb 22 00:15:22 EST 2003

I wouldn't kill him...  I do agree...

I never liked the fact the the geeklog.net (aka geeklog.sourceforge.net)
was posting peoples problems will Geeklog.  A forum would be better for

To say again in PHP terms "+1"


Simon Lord said:
> Secret is out Tony, should we kill Rob?
> On Friday, February 21, 2003, at 09:36 PM, Rob Griffiths wrote:
>> Greeting, GL Dev Team...
>> Something's been bugging me about www.geeklog.net for a while, but I
>> couln't quite figure out what it was.  Tonight, though, I believe I've
>>  identified what the source of my bother was:  I do not think
>> www.geeklog.net is sending a good message about the program to any
>> casual browsers of the site -- that is, potential users of Geeklog.
>> Most days, 90% of the content of the site is about bugs, glitches,
>> install problems, basic questions, etc.
>> I would think a better use for the main site would be to restrict it
>> to news of Geeklog, new hacks, official bug fixes from the Dev Team
>> members only, PR announcing sites that have been Geeked, etc.  With
>> the Forum 2.0 plug-in available, support questions would be better
>> served in that environment, would they not?
>> It's almost like we've got this amazing car, but when we talk to
>> people about it, all we tell them about is that it's sometimes hard to
>>  start, it may break down if it's not treated right, and to get the
>> most out of it, you really need to RTFM.  Shouldn't we be publicizing
>> what Geeklog >can< do instead of focusing on what troubles people are
>> having with it?
>> I took a quick look at the home pages for phpnuke, mambo, phpslash,
>> phpwebsite, webgenerator-x, drupal, e107, LDU, and ovidentia (thanks
>> to opensourcecms.com :-).  Of those, only one or two have any sort of
>> troubleshooting stuff on their homepages at all (phpwebsite had some
>> random support questions and postnuke had a section called "Support").
>>  The main focus of the pages is not help or questions, but rather,
>> announcements and information.  Geeklog is the only CMS homepage that
>> I visited that seemed to emphasize bugs and help directly on the
>> homepage...
>> Not that anyone asked me, but ... ... I would think a "staticpage"
>> homepage with a full center pane of info about Geeklog -- what it is,
>> how it works, top 10 sites its installed on, newest "Geekings," a link
>>  for the support forum, a link to a sample site (opensourcecms.org),
>> etc. would be a much better "selling" tool than the current collection
>>  of help requests and "failed to RTFM" bug reports.
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>> -rob.
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