[geeklog-devel] Consolidation of GPlugs and Geeklog.net

Simon Lord slord at marelina.com
Mon Feb 24 10:09:26 EST 2003

> One technical issue is that with the current file management plugin, 
> it is
> hard to replace files (Yes I understand that Blaine is working on 
> this).  I
> think that this needs to be in place for consolidation to work.  And I 
> have
> quit uploading things to geeklog.net because of this problem and have 
> not
> installed the file management plugin on gplugs because of this.

It would be nice to get an email notification from the File Manager 
when a file you downloaded gets updated.  You'd have to subscribe to 
the item of course.

> A second problem is that currently there is no central place that one 
> can go
> to find out all the latest announcements/discussions/issues about a
> particular package.  And by this I do not mean a central site.  I mean 
> that
> on an individual site, you might find this information in stories or 
> the
> comments on stories or comments on the file management plugin or if the
> forum plugin is installed it could be in the discussion on the forum.  
> Good
> organization of the site can help here, but not always alleviate the
> problem.  (e.g. The reorganization of the geeklog site under way -- by 
> the
> way that would be the logical time to do this).

So a module that polls the plugin site for updates and presents it in a 
block?  Great idea Tom!  When's it gonna be ready?  ;)

> A third issue is that when centralizing GPlugs into geeklog.net, I 
> would not
> want to loose all the historical data, stories/comments/forum that has 
> been
> accumulated.  How could we integrate the two?

A new FAQ module is being developed by Blaine, we could conceivably 
create a topic under the FAQ manager and store them there where they 
will be searchable. (Just a thought)

> Test bed -- It would be important to have a testbed site the developers
> could install their packages on for demo purposes.  It could be a 
> separate
> sub-site, but complete developer access to this site would be 
> essential, so
> that they could install and tweak their packages.

We have access to geeklog.ca (registered by me for safe-keeping), I can 
easily create accounts for developers and grant them rights on the DB 
via the command line or phpmyadmin.  There is no DB creation rights, so 
if each dev wants their own DB it has to be made by me, ideally the 
devs would all use the same DB seeing as it is a *test* bed and 
incompatibilities with other developers is *desirable* in my mind to 
find bugs.  We can also use it to store downloads linked in some 
fashion to <wherever>, someone just needs to present a easy to use 
interface to manage the files there.  As always, my fear is some nitwit 
deletes everything because <we suck>.


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