[geeklog-devel] cat Mailing list > forums

Simon Lord slord at marelina.com
Tue Feb 25 09:45:44 EST 2003

I've been recently scouting around for Macromedia Director resources 
because I need to learn this tool from the ground up.  I found a VERY 
hard to find forums for this product *on* the macromedia site itself 
(through a third-party link).

The interesting thing about these forums as I go through them is that 
they appear to be a typical mailing list that somehow gets processed 
and partially filtered (locator information in the head of the email is 
stripped) but they are otherwise intact.  All emails with the same 
topic go into a forum sub-category and so on, it's quite clever.

Would it be possible to do the same with this list?



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