[geeklog-devel] First one get $100

LIMBURG, Mark mark.limburg at baesystems.com
Wed Feb 26 18:07:29 EST 2003


 > When viewing this site http://www.trumbower.com/golden in IE 6 it is 
 > stretched out. Using mozilla or opera it looks correct.
 > The html even validates, though I now that doesn't guarantee 
 > proper rendering.

There are a few minor problems .. your <table> tags need summary=""
entities.  Very very very very minor point.  I reformatted the source from
your page, and it looks quite fine.

Okay, quick question .. do you want this theme to be 100% wide across the
browser?  The width of the table seem to be the only issue.  I'll save the
source I have of the page, make some modifications, and see how it goes.  If
you're able define the end result your after and I'll see if there are a few
tricks that can be applied to the table structure to ensure cross browser
compliance.  Feel free to email me or send it to the list :)


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