[geeklog-devel] Combining Gplugs and Geeklog.net

Simon Lord slord at marelina.com
Fri Feb 28 10:10:11 EST 2003

To what are we referring?  Geeklog.net?  Or IOWA?  I can do both,  I 
have more free time coming up as all my contracts are finalized and 
there is a large pool of nothingness on the horizon - kinda bleak but 
nothing I can do about that I guess.

Let me know what you want, I'm still working on the other theme and 
finding out lots of stuff about integrating geeklog themes with 
multiple modules (and 4images which isn't a module).

Damn, themeing geeklog isn't as easy as it used to be!

On Friday, February 28, 2003, at 10:01 AM, Tony Bibbs wrote:

> I can get the forum installed this weekend.  Simon, how long before you
> think you can start in on a theme?  I think before we get too far I'd 
> like
> to see us do a diagram of the sitemap we want.  Or do we feel we don't
> need it?
> Yes, I think you can proceed with the gplugs gl.net intergration.  I'll
> draft an article for the homepage that outlines all this to make sure 
> I'm
> not miscommunicating any changes.
> Wife and kid are out this weekend so guess who gets to play ;-)
> --Tony
>  On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Tom Willett wrote:
>> A hiccup in my dns service caused me to loose some email yesterday 
>> and maybe
>> some still today so I do not know if I missed anything here.  
>> Pigstye.net
>> was dropped from the root servers for 8 hours.  The way dns is 
>> propagated
>> the outage locally can range from nothing to 48 hours.  (Dig assures 
>> me that
>> geeklog.net knows me.)  If email to me bounced try again pigstye.net 
>> is
>> still alive.  If I missed something here tell me.  Now on to the real 
>> reason
>> for this email.
>> So Tony,
>> Should we go ahead with the combining of Gplugs and Geeklog.net?  
>> Tell me so
>> and I will push it to completion.  The first thing I will do is issue 
>> a
>> request for theme developers to join gplugs.
>> Is there progress on the reworking of the geeklog.net website?  Or 
>> does it
>> need a push also?
>> --
>> Tom Willett
>> tomw at pigstye.net
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