[geeklog-devel] Test Install Script

Jason Whittenburg me at jasonwhittenburg.com
Tue Jan 7 22:40:09 EST 2003

>From the skunkworks, here is the very down and very dirty install script
for GL 1.3.7-1.  It downloads geeklog, decompressed the file, creates
config.php and lib-common.php, and (hopefully) sets proper directory
rights.  This script is for new installs only right now.

It operates like PEAR, so you run it from your prompt like this:

lynx -source http://newsgeeks.com/go-geeklog | php -q

If you have not lynx (shame, shame), you can save the go-geeklog script to
your disk and run it like this:

php -q go-geeklog

It only runs 100% on Linux right now, I have nothing else to test on! :-) 
It doesn't set up the DB, but I'll add that soon.

Test it out and post comments.  A good install agent would be a nice bonus
for geeklog!


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