[geeklog-devel] Re: pair Networks contact

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Mon Jan 13 20:05:11 EST 2003

Pat, try this PHP shell script and see if this doesn't help a bit.  It's 
still considered BETA but this was written specifically to address your 


As soon as it is full tested we'll add it to our CVS.


Pat F wrote:
> Hi Tony, nice to meet you.  I took your advice and subscribed to the
> mailing list.  Unfortunately, I haven't been cc'd in on all the Geeklog
> hoopla, but I was helping out Rachel a little bit before she left.
> I guess we are going to feature you in our Insider newsletter as soon as
> we announce that we are offering support for geeklog.  So we wanted to
> make sure that the installation procedure is rock-solid before we announce
> the offering/feature your interview article.  I had written up this
> geeklog how to:
>   http://www.pfawcett.com/geeklog.html
> Unfortunately, some staff members who tried following my instructions
> ended up with errors, which I think Rachael sent over to you.  We figured
> that if our staff was having problems, the customers would definitely have
> the same (or worse) problems.
> It would be nice if we can have the customers copy the tar file into their
> account, unpack it, and then use either a shell script or a web-based page
> to configure all of their settings in one shot.
> It would be nice if the script could take setting up geeklog on
> multiple domains into account (ie. have a input box where the user inputs
> the directory to where the domain is mapped.).
> Does that sound do-able on your part?
> Thanks,
> Patrick
> On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Tony Bibbs wrote:
>>Not sure if you have been cc'd in on all the Geeklog hoopla between myself
>>and Rachel and, most recently, between Tim and I.  Anyway, I'd like to
>>follow-up with you to see what exact problems you have been having getting
>>Geeklog setup.  Also, assuming you have sufficent rights, I'd encourage
>>you to take a gander at how we have set up Geeklog in our quickserv
>>When you go to reply to this, if you don't mind, take a minute to
>>subscribe to our geeklog-devtalk list at
>>http://lists.geeklog.net/listinfo/geeklog-devtalk and we can use that as a
>>means for communication so that the other developers can help you should
>>myself or Dirk Haun be unavailable.

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