[geeklog-devel] Bug in search.php in 1.3.7sr1

Rob Griffiths robg at macosxhints.com
Thu Jan 16 22:46:35 EST 2003

There's a bug (minor) in the search.php function in 1.3.7.  I only ran 
into it while trying to make sure I had checked all my layout 
templates.  To see the bug in action, go here:


and then click on the "Find all postings by author" link at the bottom 
of the page.  You'll get all of the author's postings ... and every 
entry in the "Link" category on the Geeklog site.  The fix is easy; 
somehow from 1.3.6 to 1.3.7 one line was slightly modified.  On or near 
line 126 in search.php, is this line:

   if (($type == 'links') || ($type == 'all')) {

In version 1.3.6, there's an added check to make sure author isn't 
empty; add it back, and all is good again:

   if (($type == 'links') || (($type == 'all') && empty ($author))) {

If this was taken out for a reason, then I guess this qualifies as a 
new bug report for the "Find all posting by" logic :-).


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