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Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Fri Jan 17 22:50:18 EST 2003


As promised, here are bits and pieces of a schema I started a while 
back.  You will have a lot of questions (if not I'll be worried) as this 
schema has major holes and areas for improvement.  Here are my concerns 
at this time:

1) This schema was the cart that came before the horse.  Since starting 
this, we have started to step back and do detailed requirements 
gathering for various sub systems.  As a result the schema will change 
radically and we'll need your help to keep it up-to-date for the three 
supported DBMS's (MySQL 4, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server)

2) The only table fairly nailed down will be the session table which is 
below. Please ignore the session table in the attached schema.

CREATE TABLE gl_sessions (
   session_id varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',
   expiration int(11) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
   value text NOT NULL,
   PRIMARY KEY  (session_id)

3) I have parts of the A&A system done.  Here is the SQL for that 
section so far:


4) As I mentioned we will support MySQL 4.  That version supports a 
number of common features found in 'real' DBMS's...particularly foriegn 
keys.  The schema attached was written for MySQL 3.x so the syntax will 
need to change.  Also, we'll need to avoid using MyISAM and instead use 
InnoDB table types.  I know probably as much about PostgreSQL and MS SQL 
Server as the next idiot.  We'll depend on you to manage this properly.

You next step should be to combine all these into one file and then 
create files for each DBMS.  From there we will start including you in 
on the development requirements gathering process so you can get 
familiar with the needs the database will need to accomodate.  Then with 
myself and the other developers design the right data structures and 
overall design needed to start implementation.

First on the list will be localization.  We'll be in touch once the 
localization requirements are done which I hope will be as early as the 
middle of next week.

Thanks for volunteering.  I hope this works out as we need a competent 
DBA so us developers stop acting like we know it all ;-)


Dwight Trumbower wrote:
> At 03:58 PM 1/14/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>> > >As a starting point I will send over the latest GL2 schema.  No 
>> physical
>> > >database exists, this just shows what we see needed initially.  As 
>> we dig
>> > >into requirements we will review and modify as necessary (which you 
>> would
>> > >steward).  So as not to get ahead of ourselves.  I will send over that
>> > >schema and let you start asking questions.  Then I'd like to see this
>> > >converted over for MS SQL Server and PostgresSQL.  If you get that far
>> > >odds are you are hired ;-)
>> >
> Did you send the schema  and I missed it?
> Dwight
> dwight at trumbower.com

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