[geeklog-devel] eWeek story on Open Source CMS

Blaine Lang langmail at sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 23 11:10:33 EST 2003

Good find Tom,

Regarding Install and ideas: I've been working with 4images recently and was
quite impressed with the install
- Config.php has about 4 parameters: Only need to change the database
connection info

- It auto detects the directory and I have been able move the application
after installing just fine
- Web-based install to create tables and then online config
- Application settings are in a table
- Has logic to handle register_globals and magic_quotes being on or off

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> While setting on my throne this morning catching up on my reading I ran
> across this story in eWeek
> http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,3959,826084,00.asp
> It briefly talks about phpnuke, eZ Publish, and Bricolage (no Geeklog).
> plans are being made for G2 (ooh how about that for a name) some of the
> comments made there we should keep in mind.  Briefly what I picked up on
> lacking in these:
> 1)  Easy install
> 2)  Difficulty changing look and feel
> 3)  Poorly documented/structured code making modes difficult
> 4)  Lack of version control??
> 5)  Too rapid release schedule making keeping up to date hard
> 6)  Permissions system
> 7)  Workflow apps
> Check it out.
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