[geeklog-devel] eWeek story on Open Source CMS

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Jan 24 11:07:24 EST 2003

Mark Limburg <mark.limburg at baesystems.com> wrote:

> > G2 (ooh how about that for a name) 
>Seriously, I was thinking this very thing last week.  Might get in trouble
>if Apple already has it registered as a trademark name (did they make G2
>processors?) .. 

Apple started using the Gn monikers with the G3 (aka PowerPC 750). I've
never seen a reference (not even ironically) to G2.

I seem to remember something called G2 from Real Networks, though. Some
version of their player?

bye, Dirk


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