[geeklog-devel] Pushing GL1 into regester_globals=off

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Mon Jul 28 14:31:14 EDT 2003

Well, it's not that easy...well, it is technically easy but it will be a 
lot of work.  For each page you need to figure out which variables are 
registered as globals in the current 1.3.x tree.  Then you need to 
replace them with the $HTTP_POST_VARS or $HTTP_GET_VARS.

We could, as a group, decide to require which ever version of PHP that 
started usin the $_REQUEST object.  The good thing about that is then 
regardless of a POST or a GET you can use the $_REQUEST['<varname>'].  
If we don't want to do that, we *could* simply either ask for the PHP 
version in config.php or check it through the code and if they don't 
support $_REQUEST, then you could add the the top of lib-common.php 
somewhere this:


That way the code regardless of PHP version would be the same.

Make sense?  Comments, questions, concerns?  How much fun would 
regression testing this be?


LIMBURG, Mark wrote:

>I'm thinking of taking this on.  Are there any *good* doco's on how to
>approach this?  Any key examples that anyone could provide?
>Mark Limburg
>Operations Support Team Leader
>Information Services
>BAE SYSTEMS Australia
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