[geeklog-devel] UDFs

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Mon Mar 3 11:26:49 EST 2003

On Sat, 1 Mar 2003, Dwight Trumbower wrote:

> This the first proposal for dynamic udfs in geeklog2. I have done something 
> similar in the past with other systems. This works better than having a set 
> number of udfs in a table. It is easier to retrieve the data because you 
> don't have to check all predefined fields You can do a simple SELECT * from 
> udfs where scope ="entryscreen", instead of SELECT udf1, udf2, udf3, udf4, 
> udf5 from fixedudfs, which you then would have to check which udfs where used.
> Take a look the following an poke holes in it.
> In order to make things flexible for udfs, it makes sense to have a table 
> with unlimited udfs. Here the goal is for flexibility and not readability.
> Start with the basic table
> Create Table udfs(
>          udfid
>          name  - field name on ui
>          datatype  - could have a lookup table but might need to 
> denormalize for performance
>          scope - Where it is used, could be global, screen name, form name, 
> etc.
>          udfvalue - stored data for the udf

Where is min/max value fields?  Also i'd consider two value fields:
   udf_shortvalue varchar(255);
   udf_longvalue text;

We may want to move long values to separate table to speed up table scans:
    create table udflongvals
        udfid - FK and PK
        udflongvalue text

> You could store the potential values in another table if you wanted to 
> dynamically create a list.
>   i.e. attributes for a SELECT element
> Create table udfattributes
>          udfid  - links to the udf table
>          name - attribute name, used in list

Definitely need this  I think you'll need a value field so that data like:
udfid: 1 
udfvalue: 1
udfname: $_LANG['plaintext']

would give you:
<option value="1">Plain Text</a>

Also, do we care about sorting the order of items?
Would we use the same table for radio button edits?

> If you want security at a field level, cross reference table would need to 
> be incorporated.
> Create Table udfrights
>          udfid
>          groupid

Hrm, haven't thought about this.  Any thoughts from anybody else?

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