[geeklog-devel] Search engine indexing...

Simon Lord slord at marelina.com
Sun Mar 9 13:03:56 EST 2003

Ok, I found another useful snippet of code that I think MUST be  
included into the Geeklog code.

Here is the first paragraph from the page link below:

"Anyone who has built template based sites that use query strings to  
select content will have at some point hit the problem of indexing (or  
lack of it) by search engines. Search engine spiders won't index  
dynamic sites, as they are worried about getting stuck in a maze of  
twisty URLs, all alike."

"We want to turn this


into this


which involves masking the file extension for the processing file and  
then giving the query string a shave and a haircut."

This way, all our Geeklog pages get indexed and found by Google.  You  
can thank James, my server admin, for pointing me to this page.



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