[geeklog-devel] Idea for next 1.3.x

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Mar 10 04:23:13 EST 2003

LIMBURG, Mark <mark.limburg at baesystems.com> wrote:

>This would be annoying:
>  <a href="http://www.<a href="http://www.google.com/" title="The Google
>Search Engine" class="autolink">Google</a>.com/">Go</a>

Simple solution: Apply the "autolink" only to postings in text format.

>Thoughts?  Is this something people want?

I've seen requests for this before, although it doesn't seem to be listed
on the Feature Tracker.

Btw, the code you would need is already there, in moderation.php, line 249:

    // Hack for clickable URLs. From a posting by Andreas Schwarz in    
    // news:de.comp.lang.php <aieq4p$12jn2i$3 at ID-16486.news.dfncis.de>  
    for ($j = 1; $j <= 3; $j++) {
        $A[$j] = preg_replace("/((((ht|f)tps?):(\/\/)|www)[a-z0-9%&_\-
            "<a href=\"\\1\" target=\"_BLANK\">\\1</a>", stripslashes
            $A[$j] = str_replace("<a href=\"www","<a href=\"http://www",

Its main use is to have clickable URLs on the moderation screen when
someone posts a URL for an event, but it works for URLs in story titles,
etc., too.

bye, Dirk


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