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Can anybody else confirm this?

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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 14:16:35 -0600
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Subject: AOL8

I had this problem when using AOL to update my site (GL powered and proud of it).

The issue seemed to revolve around how AOL cached the page.  the users _were_ logged in but AOL didn't reload the page, it just used the old page instead.

I was using an older version of AOL (5.0 or so I think).  If you use the refresh button a couple of times after logging in the problem went away.

AOL creates a cache of the page "for faster viewing" that it uses on the next call.  I think MSN does the same.  These static pages then live on the ISP's servers, increasing load time by attempting to cut out the farther server.

I had only to refresh a couple of time in each case and then AOL seemed to get the idea that maybe this tatic wasn't working in my case.  Works fine now, but I havent used that computer in a few months.

Maybe the solution, maybe I have a bad case of anal-audience.  Just what happened in my case.
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