[geeklog-devel] Request: Template Class Enhancement

Mark Limburg mlimburg at iprimus.com.au
Sun Mar 16 18:27:31 EST 2003


> > Now from memory, we're using a cutdown and slightly rewritten version 
> > of PHPLib's template class ... did the original handle logic control?

> I've found that in most cases, I can handle if-cases in the PHP logic and
> use one of the following solutions in the template files:
> 1) For links: {start_my_link}{link_text}{end_my_link} where
> {start_my_link} is either empty or contains the actual link, e.g. <a
> href="http://..."> (and likewise for the {end_my_link}
> 2) Nested templates, especially for lists.

Very true, but we shouldn't be altering code logic to suit the needs of 
a specific template.  The template should have as much control over the 
content (placement, alternatives based on content, etc) as the 
individual theme needs.

Just my $0.02 (plus tax).


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