[geeklog-devel] Request: Template Class Enhancement

Blaine Lang langmail at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 23 13:54:36 EST 2003

I've been working with 4images and believe it uses the PHP FastTemplate
class and it has basic control structures and they are very easy to
understand in a template and certainly simplifies the coding and number of
template files.

An example which will only show the next navigation link and image if set.
This allows me to not have to hard code this HTML in a code or use extra

{if next_image_name}
<a href="{next_image_url}"><img src="{template_url}/images/arrowright.jpg"
width="30" height="25" border="0" alt="Next Image"></a>
{endif next_image_name}

So I'd like to add my vote for a template class that at least supported
control structures.

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> Howdy,
> > I had some time to rethink this and I think I'd be OK with *very* simple
> > control structures in a templates (e.g. IF THEN).
> Seriously, this is enough.  Using things like {section} (a type of
> foreach loop) and the like is nice, but it's things we (as designers)
> can work around.
> > All I would add is that we should do our best limit it's use.  When
> > possible (95% or better I would guess), we should not need this logic.
> > However, if it makese sense then use it.
> Seriously, I can think of maybe three cases where I *needed* this kind
> of feature.
> > That said, I'm still sure this will not be possible within 1.3.x unless
> > there is an updated, backward compatible, version of PHPLib's template
> > class with this support.
> I'll look into the other template classes and see if there are any that:
>   a) provide this support, and
>   b) don't have any real increase in processing time
> > As for GL2 I'll be looking into what PEAR has to see if this is
> I'm sure one of the template classes has this capability.
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