[geeklog-devel] PEAR::HTML_Template_Flexy

Vincent Furia vmf at abtech.org
Thu Mar 27 09:02:02 EST 2003

I just read all the documentation about HTML_Template_Flexy and it looks
really good.  I think it will make template design much easier and more
accesible to people who might use WYSIWYG HTML editors.

Another big advatage to Flexy is that the pre-compiled templates will
likely improve performance significantly from the regex templates that we
use now. 


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> Subject: [geeklog-devel] PEAR::HTML_Template_Flexy
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> Thanks to Jason for this link:
> http://devel.akbkhome.com/peardoc2/package.html.html-template-flexy.html
> Feel free to discuss your general thoughts on using it in GL2.
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