[geeklog-devel] Plan for the weekend

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Oct 10 17:35:17 EDT 2003

I will be spending some time this weekend trying to address the (imagined
and real) issues that have been pointed out. It looks like a lot of
changes are needed all over the place, so chances that this could be
released as a patch for 1.3.8 are pretty slim. So the way to go will be
to integrate it all in 1.3.9. Depending on how things work out, there may
even be a surprise release of a 1.3.9rc1 (although I doubt it).

And for the records: Consider CVS closed for new features - bugfixes
only, please.

Tony mentioned the need to put some information up on geeklog.net,
pointing out that security is important to us, despite all claims to the

>From our conversation on IRC:

<dhaun> we're really risking to lose a lot of credibility at the moment,
even if it's not exactly our fault and almost all of the exploits aren't
<IA-Outdoors> I hear you.  Maybe we should create a Security Section on gl.net
<IA-Outdoors> it would be a static page that goes through our stand on
it, how to report it as well as links to past exploits and their solutions?
<IA-Outdoors> that would go a long way to saying "hey, this stuff is
important to us too"

bye, Dirk


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