[geeklog-devel] GL2 Update

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Thu Oct 23 18:49:22 EDT 2003

Well, as most of you know I got a bit side tracked on GL2 while I 
started in writing the Auth_Enterprise library which will be responsible 
for doing authentication and authorization.  This will be a PEAR module 
(it's already been accepted) and I have reworked much of what I have to 
have the PEAR file structure and have modified the old code to now use 
XMLRPC.  Right now I have authentication working..it's the only method 
that can go from the client to the server and back.  This was a big step 
as much of my time was learning how the PEAR::XML_RPC libararies worked. 
  I will now go through and update the rest of the methods on the server 
to use XMLPRC and add fault handling.  The current code is now in CVS.

XMLRPC is the default handler for Auth_Enterprise but I will need to 
work in support for those instances where the client application 
(Geeklog) and the service on on the same box.  The localhost 
implementation will faster (because it eliminates the network) and 
thinner (it will call the service methods directly) and will probably be 
the standard method for most GL installations.

When that is done, version 1 of Auth_Enterprise will be done in my 
opinoin.  From there we will need to hook this up to GL2's codebase and 
Vinny's new system for security.

As many of you saw Vinny is busy working on the Module API in the 
meantime. I saw a lot of great feedback going on around this.  I would 
encourage you all to keep the input coming as that is one of the more 
critical aspects of GL2.

That's all for now, questions are welcome.


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