[geeklog-devel] Anti Spam Features

Vincent Furia vmf at abtech.org
Tue Oct 28 11:50:30 EST 2003

One thing I'd recommend is rather than a total ban on an IP address, at 
least initially, only ban anonymous users from posting comments.  Then 
you can ban from there based on email address/username.  And then only 
as a last resort ban all comments from an IP address.


Tom Willett wrote:

>Add the ip to the comments in geeklog and my ban plugin could easily handle 
>the rest.  
>All I would have to do is add the logic to check for the repeated spam 
>Tom Willett
>tomw at pigstye.net
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>>As noted in the forums of Geeklog.net it appears a growing trend is 
>>the spamming of blogs.  With Geeklog a big player in this arena I 
>>think we would be wise to start thinking up ways to implement anti-
>>spam measures.
>>I think the start would be to be able to mark comments as spam.  
>>When a comment is identified as spam I think the IP should be 
>>logged.  In the config.php file I think we could then set a spam 
>>threshold at say 5. What that means is if a an IP is tied to 
>>spamming the Geeklog site five times then we would ban that IP.  I 
>>know using IP's isn't the greatest but my hunch is 99% of this sort 
>>of spam would come from static IP's and not proxy IP's.  However, we 
>>should still allow admins to turn this feature on or off.
>>One other bit of useful logic would be to check if the source IP of 
>>spam has been tied to comments which weren't identified as spam.  If 
>>we did that then in our logic we could basically check a) has the IP 
>>hit the threshold, if so has it been used in non-spam comments.  If 
>>it *has* been used in non-spam comments then we could assume it is 
>>from a proxied IP and not ban the IP.
>>I also think later versions of this could use MySQL's full text 
>>searching capabilities.
>>To start, if we were to add the IP to the comment table I think we 
>>could write a plugin to do all this.  OF course this assumes that a 
>>plugin API is called when a comment is submitted which may or may 
>>not be the case ( I can't remember).
>>I'm sure you guys may have other ideas too.
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