[geeklog-devel] Quick overview of GL2 and what we have so far and how it relates to the API

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I'd like to take a crack at putting together a drawing that puts this into
Give me a few days.

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Subject: [geeklog-devel] Quick overview of GL2 and what we have so far and
how it relates to the API

> I wanted to draw an ascii picture of what GL2 has started or planned so
> far.  Please take note as this impacts some of our discussions of late:
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> |         | AUTHENTICATION/AUTHORIZATION |                |-->Module 1
> | Geeklog | TRANSLATION                  | Plugin Manager |-->Module 2
> |         | messaging*                   | (Includes API) |-->Module 3
> |         | SESSION MANAGEMENT           |                |-->Module N
> |         | database abstraction         |                |
> |         | MVC                          |                |
> |         | SPELLCHECKER                 |                |
> |         | up2date service*             |                |
> |         | module library interface     |                |
> |         | remote bug reporting         |                |
> |         | etc.                         |                |
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> NOTE: items in all CAPS have either been implemented or are being
> implemented.  Items marked with an * are items that would be for-profit
> or have extended for-profit features.
> The diagram above isn't radically different from how GL 1.3.x works (I
> mean, we did do a lot of good stuff that shoud carry over).  First the
> big box containing the three sections is how we can logically think of
> Geeklog.  The middle tier are classes that I would provide a key
> resource to all modules.  The Plugin manager is the means by which
> Geeklog communicates to all the modules (the equivalent of
> lib-plugins.php in the 1.3.x world).
> First off, Blaine, notice how I have made your messaging portion part of
> the core.  I know you don't want this but keep in mind this is a logical
> representation, not a physical on.  I plan on making your messaging
> component a true module.  The distinction is that I think you can almost
> gaurantee that nearly all modules will want the ability to use
> messaging.  Also, for clarity when I say messaging I a lumping PM, IM
> and Email functions all together.
> Now let me bring your attention to the Plugin Manager.  This portion
> consists of two distinct pieces.  A) the server side manager responsible
> for calling API methods on the modules and B) the API itself that all
> modules must implement.
> The API that vinny was talking about is item B) above.  I make this
> clarification because as I read through some of the feedback I saw us
> talking about things that aren't really meant to be in the API (note
> Vinny mentioned the same thing in his last message).  To be clear, the
> API should consist of methods that GL would want to all in order to
> invoke some sort of processing from a module.  On the flip side, the
> Plugin Manager will proxy requests between Geeklog and the modules (this
> IS a two way street).
> That being said, we should probably be working on both the Module API
> *and* the object model for the Plugin Manager since they are so closely
> related.
> On a side note, anything in lowercase has not been started yet.  If
> anybody wants to volunteer or any of those pieces please let me know.
> Finally, I am hoping we find a new name for this other than "Geeklog".
> I know we have talked about this a lot but I wanted to bring this back
> up and challenge us to find a name that is a) catchy and b) marketable
> to businesses.
> --Tony
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