[geeklog-devel] MySQL problems?

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Sep 5 17:06:05 EDT 2003

simon lord <slord at marelina.com> wrote:

>It was geeklog 1.3.8 from the downloads section - this was last week.

So I assume it was really 1.3.8-1? There was a change in the install
script in 1.3.8-1, that's why I'm asking ...

>He said that it looks for the version but would come up with 3.2xxx 
>even though he had 4.xxx installed.  He wasn't much more precise than 
>that. :P

Hmm, any chance you could get more precise information? Unless the return
format for mysql_get_server_info() has changed with MySQL 4.x, I can't
see how this should have happened ...

bye, Dirk


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