[geeklog-devel] 3 Geeklog tasks

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Sep 27 05:19:16 EDT 2003

I have identified a few tasks that could be done independently of the
current Geeklog development. They all fall into the "nice to have"
category but are not showstoppers for the 1.3.9 release.

1) Rewrite the upload class (and possibly the files calling it) such that
when an error occurs, it shows within the Geeklog framework (site header,
footer, blocks) instead of on an otherwise blank page.

It may also be worthwhile to see if Geeklog could help in recovering from
the error, such as offering to delete temporary / orphaned files.

Bonus points ;-) for attempting to separate the image upload (with the
related code needed for resizing images) from the actual upload code.
Maybe they can be separated into two classes?

2) Move the code for parsing an RSS feed from lib-common.php to a class
(thus getting rid of the global variables).

It may be worthwhile to see if it could be merged with the recently
introduced rss.feed.class.php, thus forming a class for reading and
writing RSS feeds.

Bonus points, again, for attempting a more generic approach to importing
feeds such that Geeklog recognises what kind of feed it is and uses the
appropriate class to parse it (cf. Atom or RSS 1.0 / 2.0 / whatever feeds).

3) This is more of a research task: In hosted environments, the Daily
Digest hits max. execution time limits pretty soon. The task would be to

a) research how it could be sped up
b) find alternative solutions

One area of research could be the use of BCC. Since the Daily Digest is
customisable (you can select the topics) but not personalised, it may be
more efficient to send identical digest mails as one email, but with all
the recipients listed as BCC (we don't want to expose other people's
email addresses!).

Another area of research would be to find an alternative to the built-in
digest. For example, find an efficient "mass emailing" solution and adapt
it such that it can send Geeklog's Daily Digest mails.

Any takers?

As I said, none of these tasks are time-critical. Work should be based on
CVS, since, for example, the upload class in CVS is different from the
one in 1.3.8-1 (GD lib support has been added).

bye, Dirk


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