[geeklog-devel] Problem with HTTP_Sessions

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Aug 8 15:31:46 EDT 2004

Blaine made the changes to use the HTTP_Sessions class in CVS now. It
seems that class is not part of the standard PEAR install, though. So
when people chose to use the PEAR classes installed on their server, they
may not have that class there.

Looks like we're in for another support nightmare :-(

To recap, currently we're doing this:

If $_CONF['have_pear'] = false, i.e. the user either doesn't have PEAR
installed or chose to use the version we're supplying with Geeklog, we
use ini_set to add our PEAR path (/path/to/geeklog/system/pear) to the
system's include path. We have to do that since the PEAR classes only use
relative paths for their includes.

Problem: ini_set may not be allowed on some hosts.

If $_CONF['have_pear'] = true, i.e. the user chose to use the PEAR
version installed on the server, we don't use ini_set and rely on the
include path being properly set on the server anyway.

Problem: HTTP_Sessions is not part of the standard PEAR install and may
not be available on the server.

Comments, suggestions? Go back to plain PHP sessions? Drop them entirely?
Other ideas?

bye, Dirk


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