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Actually getting propel installed was the easiest of the tasks.
Read my note all the way - I note the real issues with the archive as I see 

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Yeah, keep in mind that I could have included propel's classes in the
tarball which would have made most of your battles a mute point.  I'll
probably do that form now on.  It shouldn't be too hard for dabblers
until they get to the point they want to start doing their own database
changes...that's where using Propel in conjunction with Phing comes in.
Despite that, I think this is something we can document well enough to
get people moving along.

Fire over any additional questions.


Vincent Furia wrote:

>Blaine, (Tony,)
>I had to mess around a lot with the paths as well to get things
>working (though I did finally get things working).  I had to edit
>config.php and then I had to add the path
>/path/to/HuntingLog/system/Propel to the include path. I did this by
>adding it into the ini_set in config.php.
>Hopefully that will get you up and running.  Once you figure out
>_everything_ (and that is a lot) things will start to make sense.  I'm
>kind of afraid we're going to make development too hard for dabblers.
>If we go this route, we'll need to come up with some simple way to add
>basic functionality.
>I have been looking at it Tony.  I'll have more input soon. Promise.
>On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 22:30:58 -0500, Blaine Lang <geeklog at langfamily.ca> 
>>Well, I after more then an hour I still don't have it running. Been 
>>down the source of multiple path related issues and there appears to be no
>>I can't get the include path in php.ini to work and had to edit paths in 
>>[edit] source to this is noted at end of this message
>>- Install propel and that required the PEAR Log class.
>>- Install PEAR flexy
>>But I've been editing some dozen files in the archive you sent for the app
>>as expected paths are not working and I just restored it as is.
>>Still more changes need - example:
>>Warning: main(HuntingLog/om/BaseHlUser.php) [function.main]: failed to 
>>stream: No such file or directory in
>>g:\www2root\HuntingLog\system\Propel\HuntingLog\HlUser.php on line 2
>>Line 2 is:
>>require_once 'HuntingLog/om/BaseHlUser.php';
>>The H1User.php is in the HuntingLog/system/Propel/HuntingLog folder and 
>>om folder is below this.
>>So not sure why the include has the HuntingLog directory
>>I made a bunch of changes prior to this as well - I was just trying to 
>>it work.
>>Index.php - line 4:
>>The includes.php is not in the pubic_html folder.
>>Fix that and then line 5 has an error.
>>I did this as noted for about a dozen files and I'm still not done.
>>I set $hlConf['path'] and  $hlConf['site_url']
>>So what did I do wrong or is wrong ?
>>BTW: This is what was messing up my php.ini setting for the includes
>>The line at the end of the config.php to set the include_path - should 
>>not be with a ; instead of a :
>>ini_set('include_path', ini_get('include_path') .
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