[geeklog-devel] Look-up Tables in GL2

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Dec 13 15:39:19 EST 2004


>In GL2 I'm proposing we use a single table to serve all those needs.

Makes sense.

>The issue I really 
>wanted to discuss was one brought up by someone recently (name escapes 
>me) on how to handle the translation of text stored in drop downs.   I 
>have been assuming we would pipe the text in the actual database table 
>through our translation library...seems simple enough but I wanted to 
>make sure I wasn't over looking anything.

Remind me again where GL2 will keep the translated text strings - in
language files or in the database?

Anyway, I seem to remember that when there's no translation for a string,
it would use the english text, so there's no problem with keeping things

That would be okay then (and would get rid of one of the annoyances in
the 1.3 design).

bye, Dirk


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