[geeklog-devel] Draft of schema for GL2

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Wed Dec 15 23:19:05 EST 2004

Great feedback.  My comments below

Vincent Furia wrote:

>I just don't like the name, but I can't come up with anything better
>(how is that for useless input?).
Lol, yeah, pretty useless.  I'm open to suggestions should one hit you.

>Another name issue, this one with a suggestion and a valid reason:
>What about "action" instead of "event" the problem here is a language
>domain collision between our idea of gl2 events vs. calendar events. 
>"action" is a possible replacement, so is "act" or any synonym that
>makes sense.  I'm open to suggestions, but I think "event" needs to
>change.  (And I know, I'm the one who called them "events" to begin
gl2_action is fine by me.  However, just as we have namespace issues in 
the code with class names we could have similar issues with table names 
between plugins. I think we should try to address this with some sort of 
standard, if possible.

>NEW COLUMN: event_plugin_id int unsigned NOT NULL DESC force events to
>be associated with a specific plugin
I thought the same thing.  Only question I have is what about 
kernel-based actions?

>We might want to require that version be a float (or int?) so that we
>can do version dependency checking with some reasonable results. 
>(i.e. check for version of forum >= 2.3).
Yeah, makes sense.

>we should consider keeping counts in a separate table, hopefully this
>will prevent the locking issues previously experienced with article
>view counts.  We could recommend that plugins use the same table as
Where's the DBMS trigger feature when you need it?  Are the locking 
issues still an issue with INNODB table types?  Does moving them to a 
separate table really get rid of the problem?  Seem you'd still have a 
problem with locking, though, not as much.

>I think this table should be combined with the gl2_user.  I like the
>idea of having a plugin that will handle supplemental user
I'm OK with this.  I don't like all the different user tables in 1.3.x. 

>What is the difference between a "logical name" and a "display name"? 
>Is differentiating them necessary?
Logical name would be what you use in security checks.  Something like 
today's SEC_inGroup('story_admin').  story_admin would be the logical 
name.  However when you show the name of the group, say, on a group 
administration page you would see Story Admin.  By splitting the two you 
could, in theory, change the name of the group without breaking your 
code granted you keep the logical name the smae.

>I think ban should be a plugin...
Hrm, never really thought of that.  Any implications against doing this?

>A catalog is just a set of categories correct?  Why not keep that info
>in the gl2_category table?  (i.e. what's the justification for a
>separate table).  Alternatively should it just go in the
>list_of_values table?  Why keep the date created?
The idea here is that plugins can quickly reuse these structures should 
they have a need to categorize some amount of data.  Thus, the links 
plugin would have it's own catalog different form the story plugin's 
categories.  Putting the catalogs in the list of values makes sense.

>Should we use the modified preorder traversal numbering to store the
>hierarchical structure of the categories within a catalog (i.e. like
>comments in 1.3.10)? 
Hrm, haven't even looked at the .10 code.  If I hear you what you are 
saying is we essentially cache the hierarchy instead of having expensive 
recursive method calls to build it in real time.  I'd be fine with that. 
I'll look at the .10 schema and make needed changes.

>All the owner/group id and permissions stuff
>should be removed...just use the acl table.  We don't want to deal
>with two different systems for determining permissions.  In fact, why
>not make categories "items"?  (then categories can be in categories,
>won't that be cool?)
Yeah, not sure how that snuck in there.

>I think the num_views and num_emails should be moved to a separate
>table (see gl2_user table above).
I agree we should handle counts in a consistent manner.  The locking 
issues are all I'm interested in figuring out before we decide on a 

>I think ratings should be handled by a plugin.
Could, but I think this is a basic need for almost all plugins.  In 
fact, this could even be expanded to users.  I could be convinced 
otherwise.  We all want the GL2 kernel to be as lean and mean as 
possible but I think we also want to ensure that anything in the kernel 
is truly a resource that will be needed other plugins. 

>NEW COLUMN: enabled tinyint DEFAULT 1 DESC have the ability to "switch
>off" items.

>Do we want an association table between items and categories so items
>can be in multiple categories?
Good question. It gives more flexibility...a tad bit more complexity.  
Any objections?

>Looks good
Should be, you created th ACL table ;-)

>Should comments be a plugin?  That way if you want a "forum like"
>comment vs traditional system you can just switch out the plugin?  If
>you really (REALLY) want this do you want to keep the hierarchical
>comment structure we added to 1.3.10 (modified preorder traversal)
I lump this in with the same issue with the ban plugin.  It's a basic 
decision as to what should be considered part of the kernel versus 
something that isn't.  I think this begs the need for a basic set of 
criteria that we agree on that should help us determine if something 
should be a plugin or in the kernel code.

>If these are going to be different for different items, shouldn't it
>be kept by the individual plugin managing the item?
What I was trying to achieve here is a plugin would insert a new set of 
item types (1 or more).  Each type can have their own set of states as 
this allows for customized work-ish tasks that are item-type specific.  
So to answer your question, yes, the plugin would insert their data, we 
are simply providing the structures.

Thanks for the input.  Are there any table that are missing.  I feel 
good about the dialog on what was there but I'm a bit worried I may be 
missing something that may be a critical need for the kernel.


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