[geeklog-devel] InnoDB (was: Draft of schema for GL2)

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Dec 17 14:30:42 EST 2004

(trying to catch up with all the posts here ...)

>I think eventually ISP's will get their act together and start 
>supporting versions of MySQL that support INNODB (why that wouldn't be 
>the default table type moving forward is beyond me).

My hosting service still uses MySQL 3.23.57. They say they're not happy
with how MySQL 4.0.x performed in their tests. And no, InnoDB support is
not built into that 3.23.57 install.

There is some indication that they will move over to MySQL 4.x eventually
in the not too-distant future, though. But this is just a real-life
example. The hosting service has a good reputation and I'm very happy
with them, so they must be doing something right ...

Upgrading PHP seems to be less complicated. geeklog.info is running on
PHP 5.0.3 since yesterday, only hours after it was released (they let you
choose between PHP 4 and 5 on a per-domain basis).

bye, Dirk


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