[geeklog-devel] Simon or a replace of?

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Tue Dec 21 09:37:49 EST 2004

Simon Lord wrote:

> No problem.  Technically Blaine and I have done this already, what's 
> missing is pretty much what you're looking for and that's a rough 
> draft for the design document.  Basically we need to define a suite of 
> classes which will be attached to specific things such as story title, 
> story text, title background etc.

If you could send those past notes and/or supporting code that would be 
great.  One noteworthy design decision is that MVCnPHP-based plugins 
will allow plugins to keep their templates within their own directory 
structure.  Use of MVCnPHP is optional, but strongly encouraged.  We'll 
still need to figure out how to get around non-MVC/procedural plugins.

> After that we just need to figure out how much of the site we want 
> done using div's as opposed to tables...

Hopefully as much as possible.


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