[geeklog-devel] "Default entries are displayed in bold"

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Feb 1 12:26:11 EST 2004

I wrote:

>And while reviewing the code, I keep finding little oddities and bugs

Like this one ...

In your preferences, you have the section entitled "News box
Configuration" where you can deselect blocks if you don't want to see
them. The comment above the list of blocks to select reads

    Default entries are displayed in bold.

So why is the "Resources" block listed in bold on geeklog.net? Or the
"Need Help?" block?

Well, it's because in usersettings.php we have this:

  $preferences->set_var ('boxes_checklist', COM_checkList ($_TABLES['blocks'],
          'bid,title,blockorder', $whereblock, $selectedblocks));

And in COM_checkList, we have this:

            if( $A[2] < 10 && $A[2] > 0 )
                $retval .= '><b>' . stripslashes( $A[1] ) . '</b><br>' . LB;
                $retval .= '>' . stripslashes( $A[1] ) . '<br>' . LB;

Translation: If the blockorder is lower than 10, then display the block
title in bold.


I've also noticed that COM_checkList does a

        if( $table == 'topics'

which won't match on most sites, as the table will be called 'gl_topics'
almost everywhere else (exept on geeklog.net). I'm not even sure what
it's used for ...

Oh well. Just wanted to share my surprise of the day ...

bye, Dirk


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