[geeklog-devel] Server changes coming...

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Mon Feb 2 10:05:58 EST 2004

Don't worry about it.  I am pretty sure the server geeklog.net runs on 
isn't RAID5'd and not having RAID on the box with our CVS bothers me a 
bit.  I have the temporary server setup...it is a dual pentium pro 200 
with 256MB of ram and two 9GB SCSI drives (no raid of any kind).  All 
the software is installed on it and I have already begun moving stuff 
over (starting with my personal stuff).  I will save the move of 
project.geeklog.net and CVS until last but I'm hoping to have moved 
everything by the end of this week.  I won't move CVS until I have a 
version of it working on the new server via ssh and anonymous pserver 

After things are moved to the temporary server I'll then begin 
rebuilding the current server to get it ready for the colo.  That won't 
happen for a couple of weeks and we'll have to repeat this process again.

It's a pain, I know but I'm sure we can do all this with little to no 


Dirk Haun wrote:
> Tony,
>>In doing this I think 
>>we should at least consider if we don't want to move CVS and the project 
>>site to Pair.  I only mention this because we have a dedicated server 
>>for www.geeklog.net and it seems to make sense to have it all on one 
>>server (until the MySQL instance dies).  Any thoughts?
> Err, can we even do this? For one, we don't have root access on that
> server and the project site would need postgres installed to run. Similar
> issues with CVS.
>>Also, if we decide to leave things as they are I will have to move CVS 
>>and the project site to a temporary server
> Any idea for how long?
> bye, Dirk

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