[geeklog-devel] comment.php

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Feb 23 14:48:51 EST 2004


>In 1.3.9's comment.php we are setting the comment mode (threaded, 
>nested, etc) to the user's choice or the default value.  Unfortunately 
>if a user has his prefs set to 'nested' but then uses the title bar to 
>select 'threaded' and then clicks on a threaded comment it causes the 
>comment to display as his preferenced value.

I made that change (using the user's preferences) since I noticed that
comments on plugins (e.g. file management) were always displayed in
threaded mode, even so I have set my preferences to nested.

This and the above seems to indicate that the "current" mode gets lost
somewhere. So ideally, we want both - it should start with the user's
preferred mode, but when they change it (temporarily, in the comment
bar), it should of course use whatever has been selected from the comment bar.

>This would allow 
>users to link to a particular comment in a story/poll/plugin/etc.

That's certainly a nice thing to have (btw, I'd also like to have this in
the forums, so that I can link to one specific post).

>Also if you vote yes the 
>display by 'cid' should it be in 1.3.9 or should it wait for 1.3.10.

The first issue is a bug and should be fixed in 1.3.9. The second one is
an improvement and should wait for 1.3.10. Especially since it will no
doubt require changes in other places, too (e.g. search should use it,
may require changes in template files, ...).

bye, Dirk


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