[geeklog-devel] PHP in Static Pages

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Wed Jan 14 13:16:39 EST 2004

I wrote:

>An option to switch off PHP from the config file would be a start.

Done (see CVS). If you set $_SP_CONF['allow_php'] = 0; in the static
pages' config.php file, PHP in static pages will not be executed any more.

I've also removed the 'staticpages.PHP' permission from the Static Page
Admin group for fresh installs. You will have to enable it first.

I wonder if I should go ahead and change the install script to remove
that permission when upgrading to 1.3.9. On the one hand, it may p*ss off
a few of our users, but on the other hands, there are probably a lot of
users who will never use PHP in a static page anyway, and so there's no
real use leaving it activated ...

bye, Dirk


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