[geeklog-devel] Blocks again...

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Wed Jul 7 14:01:48 EDT 2004


>My server runs RH 7.3 and at home I run OSX 10.3.
>So that's two platforms where I cannot set a block to just the homepage 
>using a default install with the shipping themes and with my 
>development theme.

Works for me on MacOS X 10.3.4, btw.

Anyway, this is probably a server-side issue. As I mentioned on IRC the
other day, we're using some "dirty tricks" to figure out the current URL.
It's possible that your server(s) are configured somewhat differently and
don't supply all the information we use ...

I'm the first to admit that the code is ugly but there didn't seem to be
an easier way at the time it was written. I also remember a debugging
session on IRC with Blaine, trying to get this stuff working with the
Zeus webserver :-/

Can you upload a file with <?php phpinfo() ?> in it on one of those
servers and PM me the URL? I'll see what I can do ...

bye, Dirk


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