[geeklog-devel] ATTN: Dirk

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Jul 12 02:01:18 EDT 2004


>Dirk, sometime back you were working on a bug submission module for 
>Geeklog (if I remember correctly).

It's a plugin for support tickets (think help desk), not bug reports. For
bug reports, have a look at Vinny's Mantis integration.

>You seemed pretty much done last 
>time I saw it and I was wondering where it is and what it's named.  I 
>can't find it.

I haven't released it yet. And I'm in the process of rewriting large
portions of it, although I'm pretty much done with "phase 1" now. It's
back in a working state now, although I have more ideas that I want to
implement. Email me if you're interested ...

bye, Dirk


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