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Tom Willett tomw at pigstye.net
Mon Jul 12 11:59:03 EDT 2004

Wouldn't you know it -- Since I wrote that last email, the spam commenters 
hit me again, course didn't get through.

Tom Willett
tomw at pigstye.net

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> Tom Willett wrote:
> >I would put the problem on 
> >the back burner and would not recommend a lot of effort in including the 
> >functionality in Geeklog.  
> >  
> >
> Aren't we just delaying the inevitable.  All indications are this will 
> get worse before it gets better.  Granted we may not have that many 
> targetting Geeklog specifically but I think including this is still a 
> good idea.  I realize you aren't saying drop it but to simply put it on 
> the back burner.  I figured the effort (little) is worth the gain.
> Dirk, your thoughts?  I you are still agreeable, I may take a swag at 
> integrating it into the default GL installation.
> --Tony
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