[geeklog-devel] Brainstorming: Admin Toolbox?

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Jul 12 16:58:29 EDT 2004


>K, I think an simple interface should be implemented.  Also, I'm a bit 
>partial to an OO-design so how is this as a stubbed out class:

No problem with OO - I've actually expected this to be implemented as a class.

>class GeeklogScriptlet {

First impression is good.

>    function runScript()
>    {
>        // All the work of the script goes here.
>    }

Not sure about this one, but do we want to support more than one function
per scriptlet? Or would those go into separate scriptlets?

Also, what about POST requests? How do they come back into the scriptlet?

>Using the class above, you could put all scripts in one directory 
>outside the webtree or in a database. 

Outside of the webtree makes sense. Not sure about the database, as it
also beats the "simple installation" idea.

>My vote would be to put the contents of the script in a database to 
>avoid permission issues on the files.

I don't really see any file permission issues. The scriptlets are
probably included(?) or they're simple .php files.

Anyway, not bad for a first draft.

bye, Dirk


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