[geeklog-devel] How's the PDF generation supposed to work?

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Jul 31 17:26:36 EDT 2004

Hmm, I thought the problems I had with the PDF generation where mostly
due to the lack of a PDF plugin for MacOS X (yes, Simon, I know there's
an unofficial one), but on closer inspection, that doesn't seem to be all ...

So I have
$_CONF['pdf_enabled'] = 1;
$_CONF['pdf_adhoc_enabled'] = 0;

Normal users get the PDF icon and when they click on it, they are being
told that "The PDF feature has been disabled". So why is that icon there
in the first place?

For Admins, clicking on the PDF icon creates a new PDF file. Every time.
So after 5 clicks, I have 5 identical PDFs (for the same story). Why?

After setting

$_CONF['pdf_adhoc_enabled'] = 1;

the same thing (multiple creation of identical PDFs) happens for normal
users, too. Again: Why?

That I only get an empty browser window once pdfgenerator.php redirects
to pdfgenerator.php?cmd=getPDF&pdfFile=20040731232336946.pdf may be due
to local setup issues - still investigating that one.

bye, Dirk


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