[geeklog-devel] PDF stuff in CVS

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Fri Jun 4 17:59:01 EDT 2004

I've just checked in beta code of the PDF stuff into CVS.  This feature 
is disabled by default and hasn't been integrated into the article/story 
system yet (I'm working on that this weekend).  However, what is in CVS 
does work and if you want you can test it by installing from CVS, 
installing HTMLDoc (See config.php comments) and then by doing to a URL 
like this:

Note that <page> will need to be URL encoded to work.

The code is in better shape now, I still need to hook it up with a 
template, add some language stuff, etc which I will get done this 
weekend.  If anybody gets a chance to give it a whirl that would be 
great, I'm out of town this weekend and won't be back on until Monday.


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